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About Us

You may know Life Good as a leading online retailer in the home furnishings and lighting industry, but we like to think that who we are is more of a sum of our people than our products. Besides serving as a space where you can shop thousands of products for your home, Life Good is a community you can connect with, a resource you can depend on, and a place where inspirational meets practical.
But that’s enough about us. let’s talk about you. You put your style and your life together in all kinds of ways. We give you the products, the inspiration and the expertise to create a home and a life you love so you can connect with the people you love. We understand that who you choose to bring into your home is a major decision and what you choose to bring into your home matters, too. It’s the people and places that make up our lives, and home is where that whole “life” thing happens. It’s where memories are made, even if the beds are not. It’s where happy happens, even if accidents happen, too. It’s where friends and family come to stay, even if they stay a little too long. Home…it’s where your memories are waiting.